Time Pirate

When a time traveling treasure hunter from the future crosses paths an infamous pirate from the past, sparks fly and passion ignites in this story of betrayal, redemption, and sexual awakening.
After catching Rhaina in the act of stealing a priceless necklace, Captain Nate Graves keeps her captive in his cabin, demanding that she make restitution—with her body. Little does he know, Nate has been the object of Rhaina’s erotic fantasies ever since she came across a copy of his portrait. While Rhaina wonders if she will survive his creative brand of punishment, Nate finds that the line between captor and captive is easily blurred, leaving him wondering who is really in control.










Illustration of HalloweenThe Grave Mistake (Halloween Hookup Tale)

Mercy Adams is a modern day witch with only one thing on her mind — resurrecting her beloved cat, Oscar. Imagine her surprise when she completes the ritual on All Hallows Eve and ends up resurrecting her ex-boyfriend instead. As a guardian of the Earth Talisman, Mercy is alarmed when a dark warlock threatens the sacred relic, the animals in her rescue shelter, and her two teenage employees. Much to her chagrin, Mercy realizes that Jaden is the one warlock able to help her.

Jaden Smythe is an enforcer for the High Council of Light Magic. Sent to guard both Mercy and the Earth Talisman, he soon discovers a dark presence in the area and determines that Mercy is in grave danger. Although she refuses to accept his help, Jaden will stop at nothing to protect Mercy and the talisman.

Will these two be able to put aside their differences, resist their attraction to each other, and save the day? If not, the balance of magic in the universe may be at risk.







heartshowlsHearts, Howls and Heroes

Hot on the trail of those responsible for dumping toxic waste in the local water supply, Fish and Wildlife officer, Jake Tiller is run off the road while trying rescue a poisoned dog. Furious, he can’t believe his eyes when pretty veterinarian, Robin Clark emerges from the truck that almost hit him. Beautiful and quick to act, she uses her magical abilities to heal the ailing canine. Being a werewolf, Jake knows all about magic, and he is instantly drawn to the beautiful doctor.

Robin Clark doesn’t have the time or the desire for a man in her life–that is until she meets the mysterious Jake Tiller. Until now, her focus has been on running the clinic and animal rescue center with her two sisters. Attracted by the fact that Jake’s mission in life is protecting wildlife and the environment, Robin is undaunted when she learns that he’s a werewolf.

The two risk their lives when they join forces to bring those responsible for dumping the toxic waste to justice. Will they risk their hearts as well?